Union Pacific SD70ACe Greyhound

In 2006, Union Pacific started receiving their then new SD70ACes. The locomotives would be numbered in the 8000 series, with one of these locomotives carring the number 8444. This was the same number formerly shared by the UP's FEF-3 No. 844. Because of this, the Union Pacific decided that they would paint SD70ACe No. 8444 into the famous Greyhound livery that was worn by No. 844 during the 1990s. However, plans were changed at the last minute and she was delivered in her current flag livery.

This reskin atempts to answer the question of what the SD70ACe would look like if the Union Pacific had gone through with their plan to paint No. 8444 in the Greyhound livery.


- Custom high quality decals
- Auto-renumbering compatible
- Driver and non-driver versions
- Compatible with Smokebox's FEF-3*

*This uses Smokebox's FEF-3 DLC. As such, the reskin techinally is not designed to work on its own.

See the download link below.

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To use these reskins you must own the Union Pacific FEF-3 loco DLC. Get it from here:

Have fun!