Union Pacific ALCO FA-1 and FB-1 Pack

Starting production in 1946, the iconic ALCO FA and PA Series were sleak but boxy looking diesels, and served on 25 different railroads in both North and South America. Over 400 A-Units and over 200 B-Units were built between 1946 and 1950.

The Union Pacific Railroad owned the greatest number of ALCO FA-1's with a total of 106 locomotives (64 FA-1's and 44 FB-1's). The Union Pacific's relationsip with ALCO had been long since established as they had built the bulk of the UP's steam fleet. Much like their EMD sisters, the ALCO FA's were the primary motive power for many frieghts on the Union Pacific system.

Today only a handful of the ALCO FA and PA series locomotives have survived the scrapper's torch, with even few still running as part of tourist operations. Unfortunately, none of the Union Pacific ALCO FA-1's survived.

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To use these reskins you must own the PRR FA-1 & FA-2 Loco DLC. Get it from here:

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