General Electric U36C Pack

The U36C was first produced in 1971 as General Electric's response to the Electro-Motive Division SD40-2. This 3600 horsepower workhorse served a short, yet important role on the rails, with the SD40-2 ultimately being its downfall as it proved to be a better and significantly more reliable option. There were four railroads in the United States that originally ordered these, being the Santa Fe, Milwaukee Road, Clinchfield Railroad, and the Erie Lackawanna.

Three of the roads are represented in this pack, with the Clinchfield already existing in Railworks. These units are reskinned as they were delivered to their respective roads.


- Three liveries as delivered to their original owners
- Dynamically auto-numbered ATSF reskin (8700-8705)
- Statically numbered MILW and EL reskins
- True to life decals and coloring
- Quick drive enabled

See the download link below.

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To use these reskins you must own the Clinchfield Railroad U36C loco DLC. Get it from here:

Have fun!