Denver Ski Train SDP40F

The Denver Ski Train was a special passenger service that ran from Denver, Colorado to Winter Park via the Denver & Rio Grande Western's Moffet Line between 1987 and 2009. The train ultilized three ex-Amtrak EMD F40PHRs. These units were built from parts from various EMD SDP40Fs. The EMD SDP40Fs served as Amtrak's original motive power for long distance trains until they were replaced by the F40PHs in the 1980s.

Since a large portion the SDP40F fleet lasted into the 1980s, with a handful managing to last until 2000, what if instead of the F40PHRs the Denver Ski Train used the EMD SDP40F? This set attempts to answer that question. Please note that this is the Locomotive edition of the Denver Ski Train Collection.


- Steam effects to simulate the steam heating that was so problematic for the SDP40F
- Reimagined Ski Train livery based off the later F40PHRs
- Auto-numbering with four different road numbers
- Proper winterized textures

See the download link below.

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To use these reskins you must own the Amtrak SDP40F Loco DLC. Get it from here:

Have fun!