Crab Orchard & Egyptian Railroad EMD SW1200 Pack

Starting production in 1954, the Electro-Motive Division (EMD), SW1200 series was a versatile high horsepower locomotive and was the last switcher to use the EMD 567C prime mover. The 12 cylinder diesel engine could generate 1200 horsepower and was ideal for the large rail yards they operated in. Over 1000 were built between 1954 and 1966.

Two of these units would make their way to the Crab Orchard & Egyptian Railroad in Marion, Illinois. The two were purchased from the Missouri Pacific Railroad in 1987 to help with the growing traffic and hopefully lighten the load off the CO&E's sole motive power, a Canadian built 2-8-0 steam locomotive.

Today the two SW1200s sill operate on the Crab Orchard & Egyptian Railroad, which is now under the ownership of the Progressive Rail Corporation. While CO&E SW1200 No. 1161 is under the ownership of the CO&E, her sister, No. 1136 was later sold to the nearby city of Herrim, Illinois.


- Custom cab views for both CO&E SW1200 No. 1161 and 1136
- An EMD bell recorded from Progressive Rail SW1200 No. 33
- A Leslie RS5T horn recorded from CO&E SW1200 No. 1161
- New locomotive information profile images

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